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Model Number: T200
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Electric / Hydraulic Brake Lock
200 Series
Note: This does not replace parking brake
Operates on either 6 or 12 Volt Systems
 Toggle Switch Type
 Does not use any current; hydraulically released
 Designed to fit all years, size and rated capacity hydraulic braking systems
 Simple, trouble-free installation
 Designed so that there is no loss of fluid because there are no brushings or gaskets
 No exposed shafts or moving parts
 Hand emergency brake repairs are minimized
 Only current used is when the operator depresses brake pedal
 Positive support for primary Holding Brake Systems
 Brake Fluid Applications
 Single Axle Applications
This unit will not operate on vehicles that have low voltage caused by high current draw when Manifold heaters or glow plugs engage. The low voltage will cause premature solenoid failure if the brake lock is applied when either of these are engaged. Warranty: 90 days from date of purchase.
Warranty covers manufacturer defects. Units damaged by contamination of brake fluid are not eligible for warranty replacement.
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Manufacturer: Afco Brake

Weight: 1.7 lb
Product Dimensions - Length: 5.51 in, Width: 4.33 in, Height: 2.36 in

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